Senfit 2019 Rizali

Pengaruh pH Air Pencampur Terhadap Produksi, Kadar CO2, dan Nyala Api Biogas Kotoran Sapi

Effect of Water Solvent pH to Production Rate, CO2 levels, and Flame Color of Cow Biogas

Muhammad Rizali

Teknik Industri, Universitas Sari Mulia

[email protected]

ABSTRACT – Water is required as solvent in biogass production. Every area that produces biogas has different water characteristics, such acidic or base. In this research, we will test the effect of water pH to production rate, CO2 levels, and flame color of cow biogass. Using 5kg of cow feses and 10 litre of water, processed for 23 days in an anaerobic digester to obtain data. The water pH variables are 6.5; 7; 7.5; 8; 8.5. Biogas pressure, CO2 levels, and qualitative test of flame color of burned biogas are the measurement parameter in this research. From the pressure test, the highest pressure (14 kPa) obtained at water pH 6.5.  The highest CO2 level, obtained at water pH 8.5 at 16000 ppm. And with qualitative measurement, burned pH 6.5 variable biogas, resulting more blue color of flame. The conclusion, 6.5 water pH as solvent, resulting best production and quality.

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